The 203 Project

Upcoming Public Hearings!

June 15, 2021 - Public Hearing for the 203 South Greensboro Project Consideration of Site Plan and Design Development Cost Estimate PURPOSE: The purpose of this item is to hold a public hearing on the site plan for the 203 Project and design development costs for the project as well.

To participate, email or call (919) 918-7324


On November 17, 2020 the Carrboro Town Council approved the schematic design for The 203 Project and authorized the 25.8 million (shared between Town and Orange County) project to proceed with the next steps of the development process including permitting. The current schedule anticipates moving forward to design development, permitting and construction plan preparation so that the construction may begin in the fall of 2021. This schedule is anticipated to allow opening of the new facility in late 2022. 

Final Schematic Design Plan!

The 203 Project is again underway and is now the future home of the Town Recreation, Parks and Cultural Resources Program, the Orange County Southern Branch Library, the Orange County Skills Development Center, Virtual Justice Center, WCOM Radio, Teen Center, and more. The current design process is a continuation of the 2018 efforts, reflecting the great input previously received and framing the new and updated synergies of the building users. 

For questions please contact Planning Director Trish McGuire by email: or by phone: (919) 918-7327

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Project Background

In 2016, the Town began actively exploring development of the existing parking lot at 203 S. Greensboro Street in response to a request from Orange County to locate the new Orange County Southern Branch Library there. After completing a study of Town facilities conditions and the need for future space, as well as hearing of other compatible users, interest in building new space for Town and related uses was identified.

203 Project map

What is The 203 Project?

This project will be the future home of the of the Town’s Recreation and Parks Department, the Orange County Southern Branch Library, WCOM Radio and much more! The 203 Project is a combined effort that will offer a community based facility that will provide opportunities for education, art, and togetherness. This building will be accessible to all individuals and will enhance the quality of life in our area.

Prior Public Engagement

Public Input Sessions:

June 13, 2018 Public Input Session

July 23, 2018 Public Input Session

September 20, 2018 Public Engagement Session

Public Design Presentations